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  • New
    Smoothie Balls

    “Your 30 second smoothie.”


    • Made from fresh organic fruit and vegetables
    • Ready in under 30 seconds
    • No added sugar **
  • New
    Sparkling Aminos

    “The workout drink with real grapefruit”


    • Workout drink for on the go
    • Essential amino acids for your muscles
    • Absolutely no artificial flavourings
  • New
    Whey Protein

    “Protein from pasture-raised cows for your muscles”


    • Premium whey protein from pasture-raised cows
    • Dissolves perfectly in water or milk
    • Made in Germany
  • Protein Muesli

    “Our protein muesli with fine soy flakes.”


    • 27% protein from fine soy flakes
    • from regional manufacturers at Lake Constance
    • without genetic engineering
  • New
    Shape Shake

    “For a great figure: Shape Shake”


    • Protein from real grass-fed milk for a firm and toned body
    • Inulin fibre from chicory root
    • L-carnitine for sculpting your body
  • Protein bread

    “Possibly the most delicious protein bread.”


    • As tasty as fresh from the bakery.
    • 100% gluten-free
    • 5 x more protein than regular bread
  • Creatine capsules

    “Booster for muscle building”

    HK$315 HK$290

    • Certified Creapure® from Germany
    • Free from artificial colorants and preservatives
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatin
  • Creatine Powder

    “Booster for muscle building”


    • 100% pure Creapure® from Germany
    • Free from artificial colourants and preservatives
    • For power training & muscle building
  • BCAA capsules

    “Essential amino acids for muscles”

    HK$335 HK$299

    • Purely plant-based
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • Protein Bar

    “New recipe, more enjoyment.”


    • 33% protein per bar
    • Low-carb & high in protein
    • No artificial flavourings
  • Protein Bar 12-pack

    “New recipe, more enjoyment.”


    • 33% protein per bar
    • Low-carb & high in protein
    • No artificial flavourings
  • Organic protein

    “The sustainable protein alternative”

    HK$490 HK$449

    • Organic milk protein from organic sources
    • No artificial sweeteners
    • Made in Germany
  • Cholin-Inositol

    “For body shaping”


    • For more vitality
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan cellulose capsules - no animal gelatin
  • L-carnitine

    “Figure training with L-carnitine”


    • To support figure training
    • Premium raw material from Switzerland - Carnipure®
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • L-Arginine

    “For an improved nutrient supply”

    HK$340 HK$290

    • Purely plant-based
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • Zn:Mg

    “Zinc and magnesium for improved performance”


    • Premium zinc and magnesium with malic acid
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • Protein Porridge

    “Breakfast for your muscles”


    • Organic soya protein from regional manufacturers at Lake Constance
    • Quick and easy to prepare
    • 20 g of protein per portion
  • Beef Jerky

    “Protein boost for muscle building”


    • 100% premium beef
    • Gluten-free, lactose-free, low-carb
    • Contains no sodium salt (MNG) flavour enhancer
  • Coconut oil

    “All-rounder for cuisine & health”


    • High-quality cold-pressed coconut oil
    • 100% certified organic
    • Raw food quality - no artificial additives
  • foodspring Shaker

    “The perfect shaker for your protein”


    • BPA free
    • 500 ml capacity
  • Vegan Protein

    “100% plant-based protein”

    HK$390 HK$349

    • Protein made from peas, rice, hemp, sunflowers
    • Rich in essential amino acids
    • Made in Germany
  • Daily Vitamins

    “Daily vitamin supply”


    • Real vegetables like broccoli, carrots and spinach
    • Fruit selection with apple and orange
    • Vegan capsules made of plant-based cellulose fibres
  • Shape Caps

    “Intelligent figure training aid”


    • L-carnitine for body shaping
    • Garcinia cambogia plant
    • Guarana & green tea as active ingredients
  • L-Glutamine

    “Regeneration specialist”

    HK$315 HK$289

    • Purely plant-based
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatin
  • Crunchy Fruits

    “The dried fruit revolution”


    • Patented vacuum-drying process, maximum vitamin content
    • 100% natural fruit, gently processed
    • No added sugar, no artificial additives

Sports nutrition by foodspring®: The natural & proper way

Not all sports nutrition products keep their promises! foodspring® products lead the way in terms of natural, premium quality food supplements.

Our sports nutrition products represent the very best selection of raw materials, they contain absolutely no artificial additives and they are manufactured to the strictest quality standards. Naturally - Made in Germany.

“The sports nutrition products by foodspring are made from some of the most exclusive natural raw materials in the world. Transparency and the outstanding quality of our products are the corner stones of our philosophy."

Premium sports nutrition for maximum quality & impact

We stand for transparency and untainted goodness. Our sports nutrition products are the best you can offer your body. Few ingredients - hugely beneficial effects.

Our protein shakes are made primarily from the milk of free range grazing cows - for more sustainable agriculture and animal welfare and premium quality protein shakes. We can therefore guarantee maximum quality and purity when it comes to our protein powder.

Weight loss and muscle building with foodspring® products

We worked meticulously and developed Shape Shake for body toning. This shake stands out with its special composition and high quality ingredients. The protein powder in shape shake also contains fibre for quick satiety and metabolism boosting L-carnitine, helping you consume fewer calories. Our certified organic protein and vegan protein provide protein from natural sources

If you’re building muscle, our whey protein and creatine powder form your ideal fitness companions for more strength and muscle mass. foodspring ® whey protein has the highest protein content in a natural and sustainably sourced product due to its isolate formula. We ensure maximum purity and effectiveness of our creatine products by using premium Creapure®, which is the only premium creatine raw material available in Germany. We make no compromises in the quality of our capsules. Our amino acids are exclusively sourced from plant sources, such as fermented corn kernels and contained in vegan capsules made from plant cellulose fibre.

Buy sports nutrition products online at foodspring® shop + service and consultation

It’s important to us that we don’t just abandon you with the products you order online from foodspring® shop. Our team of fitness and nutrition experts is happy to advice you over the phone, through live chat or on our social network. You will receive the right product recommendations for the goals you’ve set for your body through our personalized Body Checks, as well as important training and nutrition recommendations.

Curious? Follow us online on Facebook & Instagram and jump into our growing Community. Many people are already living the foodspring® fitness lifestyle and let us be a part of it through pictures, videos and commentaries. Come be a part of the foodspring® family!