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  • Muscle Building Pack

    “For 100% muscle building”

    UVP HK$854 HK$699

    • Whey Protein - Premium whey from the milk of grazing cows for your muscles
    • L-Glutamine – Vegan amino acids from corn for regeneration
    • Creatine - Made in Germany for that extra workout boost
  • Muscle definition pack

    “For toned muscles”

    UVP HK$689 HK$599

    • Whey Protein - Premium whey from the milk of pasture-raised cows for your muscles
    • L-carnitine - amino acid for definition


Our bundles fit perfectly to your individual needs and objectives. Our all-round packs ensure the best performance in training and everyday life. Whether you want to tone up your body, build lasting muscle or have a healthy breakfast  - our diverse products provide real results. Convince yourself now.

Effective muscle building

With our muscle building & definition packs you bring your weight training to the max.

Successful weight loss

Want to have the perfect beach body? Then our weight loss packs are just what you need. No more excuses. Here you will find the right way for your figure training.

Healthy  Lifestyle

Do something good for your body on a daily basis -  we have put together all the products you need in only one pack. Discover your new way of life.