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  • Protein Muesli

    “Our protein muesli with fine soy flakes.”


    • 27% protein from fine soy flakes
    • from regional manufacturers at Lake Constance
    • without genetic engineering
  • New
    Smoothie Balls

    “Your 30 second smoothie.”


    • Made from fresh organic fruit and vegetables
    • Ready in under 30 seconds
    • No added sugar **
  • Crunchy Fruits

    “The dried fruit revolution”


    • Patented vacuum-drying process, maximum vitamin content
    • 100% natural fruit, gently processed
    • No added sugar, no artificial additives
  • peanut butter

    “The delicious protein snack”


    • 100% certified organic peanut butter
    • No palm oil or additives
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Daily Vitamins

    “Daily vitamin supply”


    • Real vegetables like broccoli, carrots and spinach
    • Fruit selection with apple and orange
    • Vegan capsules made of plant-based cellulose fibres
  • Vegan Protein

    “100% plant-based protein”

    HK$390 HK$349

    • Protein made from peas, rice, hemp, sunflowers
    • Rich in essential amino acids
    • Made in Germany
  • L-Glutamine

    “Regeneration specialist”

    HK$315 HK$289

    • Purely plant-based
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatin
  • New
    Sparkling Aminos

    “The workout drink with real grapefruit”


    • Workout drink for on the go
    • Essential amino acids for your muscles
    • Absolutely no artificial flavourings
  • Zn:Mg

    “Zinc and magnesium for improved performance”


    • Premium zinc and magnesium with malic acid
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • BCAA capsules

    “Essential amino acids for muscles”

    HK$335 HK$299

    • Purely plant-based
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • L-Arginine

    “For an improved nutrient supply”

    HK$340 HK$290

    • Purely plant-based
    • Made in Germany
    • Vegan capsule shells - no animal gelatine
  • Coconut oil

    “All-rounder for cuisine & health”


    • High-quality cold-pressed coconut oil
    • 100% certified organic
    • Raw food quality - no artificial additives

Vegan fitness foods

You are a vegan or are interested in vegan nutrition? foodspring offers a varied selection of foods, superfoods and supplements. Just what you need. For every one of your goals. Made of premium raw materials.

“Our nutritional experts develop the highest quality vegan foods to support you in your workouts. Exclusive raw materials and carefully tested recipes ensure a whole other level of fitness foods.”

Vegan nutrition is based on plant foods, which means it is also lactose free. When done right, vegan nutrition is very healthy for you. A balanced plant-based diet will give you all of the essential nutrients you need in the right amounts. Vegan recipes are also very delicious and as quick to prepare as any classic recipe. Even if your goal is to build up muscles or to lose weight, there is always the perfect vegan recipe to help you reach your goal.

You don’t have to miss out on anything. Vegan protein, muffins or snacks for between meals are just as diverse as recipes for muscle building or weight loss on a vegan diet.

Vegan protein provides you with high quality protein, organic coconut oil and organic peanut butter give an explosion of flavour in your cooking or snacks. Vegan supplements like Omega-3, creatine and L-glutamine all enhance your success before and after your workout.

The vegan protein gives you protein boosts from peas, hemp seeds, rice and sunflower seeds, and also hits the mark as a source of BCAA. Daily Vitamins give you the very best from fruits and vegetables daily.

Our vegan Crunchy Fruits are an absolute highlight for between meals. Dried fruits, crispier and more intense that you have ever experienced. Of course there is no added sugar in our vegan snacks.

“The vegan fitness food by foodspring undergoes the strictest quality controls to meet the absolute highest standards. Carefully selected raw materials and a unique low-impact manufacturing process make our vegan products one of a kind.”